A Forgotten Stash of Skaggs Information?

Maud Carter Clement was a writer and historian of southwestern Virginia.  Genealogical information and local history of Pittsylvania County, Va. are the main interests of the collection of Mrs. Clement, housed at the University of Virginia Library in Charlottesville.  This collection was the raw information for her genealogical research that produced books such as The History of Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

A folder that may be of interest to Skaggs researchers is in this collection.  Labeled as "Genealogical data re: Skaggs" and dated December 9, 1938 it may contain information about Skaggs ancestors with ties to Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  Some Skaggs ancestors that have those ties include: Zachariah Skaggs, John Skaggs and Charles Skaggs, who appeared in the 1767 tax list, Archibald Skaggs who, in a military pension deposition declared he lived there prior to the Revolution, and Eli Skaggs who supposedly married Rebecca Popejoy there c. 1791.

The folder of interest is identified as Box 13, Folder 10 of the collection, labeled "Genealogical data re: Skaggs."  If someone can take a peek into that folder in Charlottesville, please let us know what is in it.

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  1. I asked the Library to send me copies of the contents in the folder, consisting of a four-page letter to Maud S. Clement from Mrs. Eva Boone Myers Pool of Dallas, Texas requesting information about several of her ancestral lines. Mrs. Pool, born 1874, provides genealogical information about her family, including the following Skaggs line:

    her parents: Col. John Jacob Myers and Eliza Jane Skaggs
    her mother's parents: Abraham Moredock Skaggs and Rhoda Boone Smith
    her mother's grandparents: James Skaggs and S. Moredock

    Mrs. Pool also states in the letter that her mother, Eliza Jane Skaggs, told her that the Skaggs family was from Wales.


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