Sims Settlement

In the fall of 1806 a group of settlers led by William and James Sims traveled from east Tennessee on flatboats down the Tennessee River and and up the Elk River to the area of present-day Limestone County, Alabama.  You can read their story from the state historical marker here.

A group of Skaggs ancestors was part of this illegal settlement.  You can see from the 1810 petition to President Madison and Congress the names of these Skaggs:

Charles Skaggs, Sr.
Charles Skaggs, Jr.
Thomas Skagg
John Scaggs

After the Sims Settlement intruders were scattered by the U.S. Army, several Skaggs appeared together on the 1812 Giles County, Tennessee tax list:

Charles Scags (likely Charles Skaggs, Jr., meaning Charles Sr. had died by then)
Thomas Scags
John Scags

These guys appear to be the Skaggs that lived in east Tennessee c. 1800.  Deeds show a Charles and Thomas Skaggs sold out there c. 1810.  A James C. Skaggs remained and prospered in east Tennessee.  Here is the likely family group, headed by Charles Scaggs, Sr. (remember much of this remains to be proven with DNA and/or paper):

Charles Scaggs, Sr.
children:  Charles Scaggs, Jr., Thomas Scaggs, John Scaggs, James C. Scaggs (revolutionary war pensioner)

Thomas Scaggs
children:  George W. Scaggs, Thomas Scaggs, Ellenor Catherine Scaggs

DNA Testing:  A proven male descendant of Thomas Scaggs, son of Charles Sr., has Y-haplogroup tested R1a1a (R-M512).  This is the same Y-haplogroup result that descendants of Old Peter Skaggs have received.


  1. Have you found any link between William (Willie, Wylie) Skaggs who married Rhoda and lived in Limestone AL and Thomas Skaggs above. Thomas was witness to a deed:

    Limestone Co. Index to Deeds

    Vol. 5, P 98, 1835-1840 Henry Skaggs & ELizabeth his wife 26 Nov 1835, witness: Thomas Skaggs

    They were also next to each other in the 1820 census:

    Alabama Census Returns 1820 Pg 120

    Limestone Co., AL
    M over 21// M under 21//F over 21//F under 21// Total
    1 5 1 2 9 Thomas Scoggs
    1 2 1 1 5 Willie Scoggs

    I have three children identified for William and Rhoda: Pernetta (b 1824) who married Josiah Isaacs; Eli (1825) who was mentally disabled; and Matilda (1827) who married a ? Dunn and had three children.

    Also, any clue as to how Thomas G. Skaggs of Lauderdale Co. AL b 1802 SC and d 1850-1860 Lawrence Co. TN fits in?

    There is also a listing of a Moordock Skaggs in the Limestone Co. AL take up records:

    Limestone Co. AL Take up Records

    p 744 1824-1853 "Taken up by Thomas Skeggs near Charles S. C*** one red steer with a white face and feet marked with a split in the left ear. Supposed to be two years old next spring. Appraised by John O'Daniel and Moordock Skeggs to $2.50. Attn: James Hargrove J.P."

    Do you have any idea how he fits? Is he an older son of Thomas?

    1. Wyley Skaggs was likely a brother to Thomas since they traveled together prior to the time of Alabama statehood. Wyley was in the Mississippi Territory militia during the War of 1812, likely present-day Alabama. Thomas was also out there in 1810 with Sims Settlement. Wyley may have been a younger brother since he wasn't listed on the Sims Settlement petition however later appeared in the militia in the War of 1812.

      As for your Thomas G Skaggs, he is likely a grandson of Richard Skaggs and Sarah Selby of Maryland, parents Christopher Skaggs and Tabitha Morris. Christopher Scaggs was in the 1800 and 1810 census for Spartanburg, SC and on a deed there in 1798.

      That Moredock Skaggs is interesting. Moredock is a middle name common to this family.

  2. FYI on the Chris Keig charts my wife is the niece of Ronald Skaggs. He has our ancestors wrong on the chart, but I haven't let him know yet.

    1. Chris is going to have us check over his genealogical chart. I would like to align it with his test results.

    2. I sent a correction to Chris. On Moredock, the only ones I know of are James Murdock Skaggs b 1810-20 d 1846 Hempstead Co. AR; and Stephen Moredock Skaggs (although I have not seen an actual record stating the middle name) b. 1792 (son of Ely) d 1851 Knox Co. TN.; and there is a third one--a Moredock Scaggs who married Mehaly Brown 15 Jul 1830 in Shelby Co. TN.

      SCAGGS, Moredock Marriage
      Wife: Mehaly BROWN
      Marriage Date: 15 Jul 1830 Recorded in: Shelby, Tennessee
      Source: FHL Number 24825 Dates: 1820-1865

      Speaking of Ely of Knox Co., is it your opinion he is also a son of Charles Sr?

    3. I think the Eli Skaggs born about 1770 was son of James and Susanna Scaggs and I understand east Tennessee Skaggs also think this. Eli and James were both in western Virginia prior to showing up in eastern Tennessee. It appears that Charles Scaggs was in South Carolina prior to eastern Tennessee so I think Eli likely is son of James and Susanna, not Charles Scaggs.

      Abraham Moredock Scaggs was son of James and Susanna Scaggs. Ewing Moredock Skaggs was the famous casino owner in Sacramento. James Moredock Skaggs was son of Joseph Scaggs and Effee Dunham. Most Skaggs with the name Moredock appear to be descendants of James and Susanna Scaggs.


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